Dimasa Grupo | Thank you for visiting us at Aquatech Mexico
From Dimamex and Dimasa Grupo we want to thank you for your attention, and we hope that your visit to the Aquatech Mexico Fair has been fruitful
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Thank you for visiting us at Aquatech México

One more year Dimasa Grupo crosses the pond to join Dimamex in a landmark event

10 Nov Thank you for visiting us at Aquatech México

Successful visits at Aquatech Mexico by Dimamex and Dimasa Grupo


Dimamex, representing its sister company Dimasa Grupo, has been present (at booth 449 of Pavilion 4 Maya) in the most important event of the water industry in its new American adventure, Aquatech Mexico, reinforcing its firm commitment to innovation And respect for the environment, as demonstrated by our new line of pilot plants for the treatment of wastewater, which aroused great interest among the attendees.

From Dimamex and Dimasa Grupo we would like to thank you for your attention, and we hope that your visit to the Aquatech Mexico Fair has been fruitful and will give way to new projects and businesses. For our part, we are very satisfied with our assistance, and sure we will be in future editions.

On the other hand, we greatly regret any inconvenience that our company might have caused in regard to the paper that was scheduled for October 27 at the Olmeca Room 8 from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm as part of our participation in Aquatech Mexico, but that for reasons beyond Dimamex could not be celebrated.

The organization of the event made a change of schedule for our presentation, but did not warn us and that is why from Dimamex and Dimasa Grupo we did not have the option to inform our contacts, who had shown their interest to attend.

Faustino Díaz Martín, Managing Director of Dimasa Grupo, was going to use during his presentation “Study of the mechanical and chemical properties of GRP filters“, in which you will be able to know the advantages of working with Reinforced Polyester with Fiber Glass, material with which our business group has made a name within the sector. And more specifically applied to one of our latest developments, our new flagship product: the large GRP sand filters.


Mr. Faustino Díaz Martín, representative of the second generation of a family-run company 30 years ago, has always been linked to the world of polyester.

He went from being Responsible for Production and Commercial Director to General Director for more than 5 years. During this time, Dimasa Grupo has transformed itself into a multinational, investing in R&D&I, and with production plants in Spain (Barcelona) and Mexico (Puebla), in addition to an extensive commercial network in South America.




Our work has not gone unnoticed in the past year, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) granted the 360° Infrastructure Prize to the Atotonilco WWTP, where our international holding company played a leading role. We invite you to watch the next video to know us better.

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