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Quality and Environment Policy
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Our commitment to an ethical code




The Management of DIMASA GRUPO wishes to make public its members and any interested party, its commitment to business excellence, which includes quality in the product, in the service and in the environment.


In the performance of this commitment will devote a special effort to the quality and protection of the environment, health and safety of its employees, customers and neighbors.


DIMASA GRUPO applies improvements for the satisfaction of its customers. This commitment is assumed by all members of the company and is specified in the following principles:


  • Protect the environment by directing its actions towards the minimization of possible environmental impacts that its activity could generate.
  • Use natural resources responsibly.
  • Implement the necessary measures to ensure compliance with all current legal requirements and other requirements that the organization assumes.
  • Continuously carry out research and development of technologies and management systems aimed at improving the company’s environmental performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Apply continuous improvement for customer satisfaction and environmental requirements.
  • Our main asset is our customers, so we consider your opinion about us vital, so we strive to know your satisfaction about our activity, products and services.
  • Inform, train and motivate your team and your suppliers so that these commitments are understood, put into practice and kept up to date.


This policy serves as a frame of reference for the establishment and review of objectives, goals and actions framed in the management of quality and environmental management of DIMASA GRUPO. This policy will be implemented, reviewed periodically and kept up to date by the Management.