Dimasa Grupo | Successful DimWater course in Peru on SPM Membranes for Leachate
Successful DimWater course in Peru on SPM Membranes for Leachate. Specialists in Sanitary Landfills: Audits, Biogas Treatments and Leachate
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Successful Dim Water course in Peru on SPM Membranes for Leachate

Specialists in Sanitary Landfills: Audits, Biogas Treatments and Leachate

12 Dec Successful Dim Water course in Peru on SPM Membranes for Leachate

On December 6th, our colleague Francesc Andrés, Technical Director of DimWater, was part of a select group of speakers in the International Course on Leachate Treatment Systems in Landfills. This event was organized by the ODS (Organization for Sustainable Development), the UNALM (National Agrarian University La Molina), and the Environment and Sustainable Development consultancy (AMBIDES SAC).

In the following link you can download the triptych with all the information of the course that was held at the Postgraduate School of UNALM, in La Molina (Lima, Peru).

At Dim Water Solutions, our professionals have spent years studying the production and storage of liquid and gaseous effluents in sanitary landfills around the world, with the aim of improving their management. And that is why, thanks to our extensive experience, we can ensure that we have the best solution for the treatment of leachates.

This was the theme in our presentation of the course: Application of SPM membranes for the treatment of leachates. We offer an exclusive system, based on reverse osmosis membranes, capable of retaining this type of contaminant. These are horizontal modules, and are the result of research and work of many years, treating complex waters and leachates. If you are interested in more information, you can download the course.

To all those present in our course we give you an explanatory leaflet with our Integral Solution for Landfills, which includes an Environmental Audit, Treatments for Biogas (highlighting our award-winning work in the PTAR of Atotonilco and in the Landfill of Lepanto in Chile) and Treatments for Leachate. You can download it in this link.

Dim Water Solutions. Who are we?

We are an international company, with experience in many Latin American countries. Our headquarters are in Barcelona, ​​and we have two manufacturing plants, in Spain and in Mexico. We direct our activity to the development and application of technologies for the treatment of wastewater, leachates, gases and biogas.

With a continuous activity in the field of R+D+I, the companies that are part of our holding (Dimasa Grupo and Dimamex) have been recognized with several awards, we have professional certifications and accreditations, such as ISO 14001 and 9001, and our works have appeared in various media.



Expedition to Peru formed by two directors


Faustino Díaz, Director General de Dimasa Grupo. Toda su vida profesional en el sector del poliéster y sus múltiples aplicaciones en el sector medioambiental. Segunda generación familiar al frente de una empresa que cree en el I+D+I y las mejoras constantes.

Faustino Díaz, Commercial Director of DimWater. All his professional life in the polyester sector and its multiple applications in the environmental sector. Second family generation leading a company that believes in R+D+I and constant improvements.

Francisco Andrés, Director Técnico de Dimasa Grupo. Un profesional que lleva más de 25 años en el sector del tratamiento de aguas, residuos y biogás. Además de su dilatada experiencia laboral, también ha impartido cursos y dado conferencias internacionales.

Francisco Andrés, Technical Director of Dim Water Solutions. A professional who has been in the water, waste and biogas treatment sector for more than 25 years. In addition to his extensive work experience, he has also taught courses and given international conferences.


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