Dimasa Grupo | New line of equipment for physical-chemical treatments
New line of equipment for physical-chemical treatments. Rotative Sieves, Automatic Polyelectrolyte Preparer, and Cavitation Float, 3 products to complete our offer
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New line of equipment for physical-chemical treatments

Rotative Sieves, Automatic Polyelectrolyte Preparer, and Cavitation Float, 3 products to complete our offer

19 Apr New line of equipment for physical-chemical treatments

The range of products of Dim Water Solutions, Dimasa Grupo‘s sister company, for wastewater treatment is expanded with new equipment. These are 3 specific systems for physico-chemical processes, in order to alter the state of these liquids to convert them into particles suitable for separation.



Rotative Sieves


The rotative sieves are equipment for the filtration or sieving of waste water and liquids in general in order to perform a solid-liquid separation. It is a self-cleaning operation device, capable of operating for long periods of time with autonomy.

This system can replace in many cases slabs, the elimination of coarse sand and up to 30% fat percentages. Its use is usual in many industrial applications: high-fat food sector (dairy, slaughterhouses, fisheries, warehouses …), wastebasket, plastic, primary treatment replacing the primary decanter, industries with large flow…

The liquid to be filtered enters the inlet pipe and is distributed through the filter cylinder at low speed. The solid particles are retained on the surface and are led to the sieves, which separates and deposits them on a tray. The liquid passing through the slits of the filter cylinder is conveyed to the outlet pipe at the rear.


Automatic Polyelectrolyte Preparers


The solutions of polyelectrolyte are polymers that possess electrolytic groups, which favors the processes of separation between the solid and liquid phases. To optimize its use, we offer different systems designed for automatic and continuous preparation.

The advantages of these equipments are of great importance for the processes:

  • Considerable polymer savings.
  • Accuracy in preparation and dosing to optimize.
  • Space saving and centralized installation.

Various versions and multitude of industrial applications

Depending on the type of polyelectrolyte you need, Dim Water offers you different equipment:
  • Version for Polyelectrolyte in Powder
  • Version for Polyelectrolyte in Emulsion
  • Dual Polyelectrolyte version

The applications of our teams are:

  • Treatment of drinking water
  • Sewage treatment
  • Sludge treatment
  • Industrial processes


Cavitation Float


The cavitation float DW CAF is an equipment designed for the separation of greases, suspended solids and colloids of waste water, prior to a biological treatment or to the discharge to the municipal network.

The system is based on the injection of micro bubbles of air to the waste water stream to be treated, by means of a submersible turbine capable of generating a constant and uniform flow, without the aid of any external equipment.

The wastewater enters from below and is led to a central conduit where the turbine is housed, suspended solids and greases adhere to the micro bubbles and are raised to the surface where a surface sweeping system separates them from the water and transports them Until the exit.

Heavier solids decant in the conical bottom and are extracted by a lower purge. The treated water passes through a siphon system and exits from above, through an adjustable dump to choose the working height.

Its design features give it a high performance, being a team able to operate for long periods of time with total autonomy.

Our equipment is suitable for use in urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants such as slaughterhouses, canning plants, pre-cooked dishes, dairies, cheese factories, or any type of agri-food industry where there are grease, suspended solids and / or colloids.

The advantages of the cavitation float are as follows:

  • Simple and resistant equipment made of stainless steel.
  • Very low power consumption compared to the competition.
  • Low maintenance and economical.
  • Simple installation and low initial cost.



The operation and result of each of them is different, and depends on the needs of the installation, the flow and the chemical characteristics of the waste water to be treated, the choice of one or the other equipment.

In the following trading cards you can expand information on each of the systems we propose:

However, if you want more information about the ideal system for your needs, do not hesitate to contact our technical-commercial department (info@dimasagrupo.com).

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